Yeimi Rivera Who is She

Viral video of Yeimi Rivera on social media. People are shocking who is she, Rivera hot topic now are explained

Yeimi Rivera this is an account of named baby Bella. But her real name is Yeimi Rivera, she was teenager and high school student. She made an account twitter name spiderman. This account was women video.

now a days her videos viral and trending on social media, numbers of peoples searching her video’s.

Yeimi Rivera image

Video was faster shared Facebook and twitter and others social media platform,Yeimi Rivera 101 twitter video spider girl, in the video she hide her face, just like spider man.

When Yeimi Rivera came to know that her video are trending now, she couldn’t decide what she do, How she clean her self, how he face her parents and knowns. So Yeimi Rivera did not vast her time to decide to end.

Even than she doesn’t shair any one even her parents.

Yeimi Rivera image

Yeimi Rivera parents came to know how is the, they got angry that we can remove her clip from internet, How can she be so weak her family said they support her if she came to us and tell about this thing.

Advice for new generation

Todays generation has a gap with there parents, and spend there time phones and other activitys. Parents have must be Awake and knowledge whats there children is doing and spending. And which websites they used. Must be children being a friends with them. So we all have change this otherwise this type of suicide will cause more.

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