Woah Vicky

Who is Woah Vicky video

Woah Vicky real name: Victoria Waldrip coined her slightly comical nickname because of her Instagram handle, @imwoahvicky. And the 19-year-old’s claim to fame is… interesting.She is known for posting pranks and YouTube challenges to her YouTube channel

Woah Vicky twitter video

Vicky first posted about being black on Twitter, according to Babe, when she took an Ancestry.com test that reportedly claimed she was 44 percent African Initially known for posting prank videos and popular challenges on Youtube, the then-teenager suddenly had a new claim to fame: pretending she is a black woman.From there on out, she began incessantly perpetuating black culture through her YouTube videos, using the N-word, and making racist rap songs who is better known as Woah Vicky, is an Instagram Influencer.

Woah Vicky viral video

Her journey towards being famous has been filled with controversies with her initially being viral after she was published a video where she was sure that she is black.One look at Woah Vicky, and anyone would immediately say she is a white woman I knew I was black’: Blonde teenager sparks fury online after claiming she is actually African-American in bizarre clips which show her repeatedly using the N-word, twerking, and labeling her followers as ‘racists’ watch full video Woah Vicky 👇

Woah Vicky video
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