Mathis Bellon Accident

Mathis Bellon, who had lost his life in an accident that was very tragic. There has been grieving for the rider on all of the social media and internet and it seems that nobody could have predicted that he would have lost his life in such a tragedy

Mathis Bellon 8 year-old driver had been in a tragic accident that happened in Italy on the 22nd of July this year. The sources from Italy have also said that he was having a training session at the Ala Kart track where the accident had happened.

He was focused on doing laps around the track along with his mini bike that was on the circuit and then he crashed just when he was trying to get up another vehicle hit him and he couldn’t escape on time. Mathis had been taken to the hospital as fast as possible via a helicopter, but that was to no avail. His condition had only gotten worse after that.

Mathis belonged explained

Mathis had belonged to the island of Reunion and was working as a very promising pilot and was an excellent rider of BMX at a very young age.

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