Dusty Rose

Who Is She? Antoinette Aleisha Winmar Stabbing Case

Dusty had been stabbed by Antoinette at the caravan park after the time when she was trying to break the fight between the couple. She had tried to end the dispute between Winmar and her partner, however, she didn’t realize that she would be ending up losing her life at a young age. Afterward, the murderer was sentenced to prison for life. We hope that the soul of Dusty can rest in peace.

She explained that, she had a friend called Elise hedvega who said, ‘My heart hurts for this situation, the missed chances and the loss of someone I once cared for.’ It seems that she was really close to her and she had experienced a big loss that might take a lot of time to recover from, she may not even recover from it.

Antoinette Aleisha Winmar Stabbing

Dusty was the neighbor of Antoinette her age 31-year-old young woman who is also pregnant. She had known Antoinette’s partner who was about 50 years old and his name was Joseph Cooper. The people who were close to Dusty had stated that she was a very caring girl.

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