Jaylee Neubaum Mapleton Iowa

According to the available information, John Hopkins was killed by Jaylee Neubaum in January month of 2020. Reportedly, the cause of death of John Hopkins was a fatal gunshot, as Jaylee Neubaum fired a gunshot in the forehead with his 12-gauge shotgun. But he could not keep himself away from the penalty and was found guilty of killing John Hopkins on 20th May 2021. Who is Jaylee Neubaum and why did he kill him.

Where Is Jaylee Neubaum Mapleton Iowa

convicted murderer named Jaylee Neubaum who killed a teenager named John Hopkins. We are here to give a detailed article regarding the murderer of John Hopkins who was fatally shot back in 2020. In this article, we will tell you why did Jaylee Neubaum kill John Hopkins. If you are scrounging the web articles to learn about Jaylee Neubaum then this page can serve a lot regarding the same.

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