Trump Limo

January 6 Committee has tweeted on twitter a new video of Donald Trump’s presidential limo following testimony that he allegedly tried to grab the steering wheel to drive it to the Capitol Building, the new viral on internet.

Donald Trump’s ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, gave testimony in Tuesday afternoon’s Jan. 6 Committee hearing.

Video of its happen emerged on social media and twitter viral fastly.

Trump Limo Video

She said Trump had been in a physical altercation with his security detail on January 6 and demanded to go to the Capitol after the riots began, it is demand by Trump ex chief of staf.

“I sat in the right front seat of limousine car , I don’t know 100 times, in four years, What was done was was very unusual, quite inappropriate, actually, for anybody whether you’re president or not to reach to the steering wheel.

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