Yung Gravy

Since 2017, Yung Gravy has completed seven international tours and has released one mixtape, three albums, and seven EPs.Yung Gravy is often associated with fellow artists and Chief Keef, as well as producer Y2K.

Rapper Gravy, who is 26 years old and was born on March 19, 1996, in Rochester, Minnesota, U.s, became well-known in 2017 with his song Mr. Clean, and since then has been awarded RIAA Platinum certification.

Yung Gravy TwitterYung Gravy Tape

Yung Gravy, born Matthew Raymond Hauri is an American rapper from Minnesota who first gained recognition in 2017, when his song “Mr. Clean” gained traction on SoundCloud.

Yung Gravy Tape Twitter

Bartholomew has only had his profile for a little more than two weeks. But about some of the well-known Posts on Twitter, he posted about the American singer Yung Gravy. He has indeed garnered an amount of publicity.

Yung Gravy Twitter
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