Uvalde school Shooting Video

Tuesday edited portions of school surveillance video showing officers retreating from gunfire in the hallway of Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, during the fatal shooting May 24

teachers screaming as the gunman crosses the parking lot of Robb Elementary School after crashing a truck just outside the property. Once the gunman enters the building at time11:33 a.m., hallway surveillance cameras show him walking down the hallway uncontested with a semi-automatic rifle camera showing complete video.

News and sources

Gunfire is heard as the gunman enters a classroom, and a child on the other end of the hallway is seen running. Different news and sourc it removed the sound of children’s screams from the video.

Uvalde surveillance video

Uvalde Shooting Video

Surveillance footage captured the gunman in the Uvalde school shooting entering the building with a AR-15-style rifle wepons and later shows officers in body armor milling in the hallway outside the fourth-grade classrooms where 19 children and two teachers were killed…

The four-minute video from 24 May shows two officers approaching the classrooms not long after the gunman and then run back amid the sounds of gunfire. It shows officers, some with shields and rifles, massing in the hall before they breached the room and killed the gunman about an hour later.

As the gunman approaches the classrooms, a child down the hallway can be seen poking their head around the corner and then running back while shots ring out. Later, about 20 minutes before police breach the room, the video shows a man wearing a vest that says “sheriff” using a hand sanitizer dispenser mounted on the wall.

Burrows said his committee

Burrows said his committee had interviewed more than 40 people behind closed doors over the last several weeks, including law enforcement who were at the scene. He has defended the committee talking with witnesses in private to elicit more candor about what happened.

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