Uvalde school surveillance

The video, which was published by the Austin American news, that shows responding officers approaching the door of the classroom within minutes of the shooter entering yet retreating after the gunman opened fire at them. After more than an hour,

with the hallway growing more crowded with officers from different agencies, the doorway of the classroom was breached by law enforcement and the gunman was shot.

officials and families of the victims explain

Local officials and families of the victims decried the decision to release the footage before those impacted were able to see it for themselves. And the video, which was lightly edited by the American-Statesman news to blur at least one child’s identity and to remove the sound of children screaming, still leaves questions outstanding — why the law enforcement response was so delayed.

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video

The 77-minute video, which officials say ends before law enforcement finally breached classroom May 24, does not contain images of children. It has received renewed attention over the past week as anger mounts in Uvalde over an incomplete account about the slow police response and calls for accountability seven weeks after the worst school shooting in Texas history.

Uvalde school shooting surveillance video

But the video alone will not answer all the questions that remain, nearly two months later, about the law enforcement response. Among them are how schools police Chief Pete Arredondo came to the forefront of the massive law enforcement response involving numerous local, state and federal agencies

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