Usman Shinwari, Club Cricketer, Dies Due to Heart Attack

Usman Shinwari, Club Cricketer death Due to Heart Attack

Pakistani cricketer died in the middle ground, a terrible accident happened during the match ÔÇô VideoPakistani local cricketer named Usman Shinwari died unfortunately on September 25 during a Pakistan Corporate League match. The player suffered a massive heart attack and was taken to hospital immediately before he was pronounced dead.

Usman Shinwari Club Cricketer Dies video

the deceased player is a club cricketer, is not the Pakistani international player Usman Shinwari.Usman Shinwari, Club Cricketer, Dies Due to Heart Attack During Pakistan Corporate League Match (Watch Video) Shinwari is a local club cricketer who shares the same name with Pakistan International cricketer Usman Shinwari. The unfortunate incident happened during a cricket match at Pakistan Corporate League 2022. Watch full video­čĹç

Usman Shinwari Club Cricketer death video
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