She is very pretty and affective, the fame of Sharon actress always looking young slim now explained her complete age and life experience, she before and after looking same.

Sharon Stone

The world famous actress Sharon Stone may be beyond the big 60 but she manages to keep things tight though in every possible way she spending her life. She debuted in the 1980 Woody Allen film Stardust Memories, but only as an extra. she first spoke onscreen in Deadly Blessing, a year later. Through action movies like Above the Law and Total Recall, Sharon climbed to reach international recognition. However Sharon’s undoubtedly most praised performance was in the cult favorite movie Basic Instinct opposite Michael Douglas.

Sharon role in Casino won Sharon her Golden Globe award. She is 61 now and has three children but she is know same like past. Sharon is also famous for having a 154 IQ diffirent test score which is considered a score of a genius person so every one know that Sharon Actress really genius women.

Actress Sharon Stone video explain here👇👇👇

Actress Sharon Stone video
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