Queen Paddington

delightful video, the British monarch appears alongside the nation’s iconic bear at Buckingham Palace ahead of a star-studded concert celebrating her 70 years on the throne

As the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II continue in the United Kingdom, the monarch has left everyone delighted after she appeared in a surprise video with another British national icon.

Queen Paddington

Make it up to the Monarch, Paddington Bear offers her one of his famous marmalade sandwiches, explaining that he always keeps a spare one in his hat.

Paddington then turns to the Queen and says in a kind voice: “Happy Jubilee Ma’am, and thank you…for everything”, to which the she replies: “That’s very kind

In the sweet clip, Paddington (voiced by Ben Whishaw) is having tea with the Queen, and he offers her a marmalade sandwich, which he had stored in his signature red hat.

The Queen Paddington Video
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