Tai Emery

Tai Emery celebrates stunning KO victory by flashing crowd

Australian fighter Tai Emery left the crowd stunned after she flashed her breasts following a knockout victory.The fight was called over and the Aussie jumped up onto the ropes to celebrate and surprised everyone by flashing her breasts to the crowd.Tai Emery celebrates stunning KO victory by flashing crowd

Tai Emery victory by flashing crowd

Aussie bare knuckle fighter flashes her breasts to the crowd after STUNNING knock-out in debut bout – but not all fans are impressedAfter the win, the Australian fighter jumped up on the ropes and flashed the audience in celebration. It was Emery’s first bare-knuckle boxing victory. Emery, a 35-year-old Australian with amateur MMA and Muay Thai bouts under her belt, made sure she made a statement today.

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