Spirit Airlines Fight Video

Spirit Airlines Fight Video

Spirit Airlines agent suspended after trading blows with female passenger, The unidentified Spirit Airlines representative was seen at the start of the 90-second clip squaring up to the female passenger at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Spirit Airlines agent and female passenger fight video

As a man tries to separate the pair, the woman pushes the agent and calls him a “dumbass” N-word. She then reaches over and slaps him in the head with an overhand right. The agent continues to scream about her touching him and getting in his face, following her as she keeps trying to back away.

Spirit Airlines Fight female passenger explain

The woman then yells “get out of my face” back at the man while pushing him multiple times. Throughout the video, the woman says racial and homophobic slurs at the man. Another man intervenes, then the woman hits the airline employee. In response to being hit, the man then runs after the woman and eventually hits her back.You touched me first, and then you got in my face,” the man added. “Don’t ever invade my personal space.watch video link👇👇👇

Spirit Airlines Fight Video

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