Scary Puzzle Video

The scary puzzle video was ‘discovered’ on a DVD on a park bench in Spain. The DVD is supposed to contain an endless amount of puzzles. According to the Scary Story explanation above, many people have tried to decode the mysteries and the Morse code puzzle reportedly translates to “RED LIPS LIKE TENTH”, an anagram of “KILL THE PRESIDENT”. GPS co-ordinates for the White House are supposedly revealed in the clip too.

Scary Puzzle TikTok’s Don’t google trend

The puzzle video is also supposed to hide images in the audio. These can apparently be decoded into pictures through advanced software. Photos are supposed to include a woman being strangled, a decapitated body, and other graphic images.

There is also reportedly a photo from horror film The Bunny Game; German film, Slasher; and an apparent picture relating to serial the Boston Strangler.

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