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San Jose Fire Department do over stripper scandal

The San Jose Fire Department is on its heels, so to speak, over a viral video involving a strip club that has been making the rounds for the last 24 hours. And it’s created a firestorm that has spread from social media to the highest levels of City Hall. What appears to be an exotic dancer was inside a fire department truck,

san jose fire department video

The video is seen above, and you can jump to your own conclusions. The Chronicle gives the additional detail that the woman is “walking into the Pink Poodle, an adult entertainment club at 328 Bascom Avenue.” The Pink Poodle bills itself as “The Best and Longest running All Nude Adult Entertainment in the Bay.” So even in just the bikini, she may have felt a little overdressed in the establishment.

video of bikini-clad woman exiting fire truck

the Chronicle reports, and then leaves the vehicle wearing nothing but heels and a bikini, and proceeds directly into an “All Nude Adult Entertainment” club called the Pink Poodle. In the video, posted by San Jose Foos on Oct. 6, the woman exits a fire truck parked in front of the Pink Poodle and walks toward the strip club on Bascom Avenue.

video of bikini-clad woman exiting fire truck

san jose fire department video leaked

The Department has become aware of a concerning video posted on social media,” San Jose Fire Department Chief Robert Sapien Jr. said in a statement Friday. “An investigation has been initiated to determine facts surrounding the video. “A stunning video posted on social media has sparked a major investigation at the San Jose Fire Department.The video appears to show a woman in a very tiny bikini getting out of a fire truck with its sirens running and walking into the Pink Poodle, a San Jose strip club. Watch full video👇👇

san jose fire department video
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