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Ronnie McNutt’s suicide viral video

The harrowing clip of the McNutt’s suicide has gone viral on social media sites including TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Several users have shared their experience after ‘accidentally’ watching the footage. Ronnie McNutt is a 33-year-old Iraq War Veteran who took his own life on August 31st 2020. The Mississippi man committed suicide and live-streamed it on Facebook the suicide video has been shared multiple times on Tiktok.

Who Is Ronnie McNutt suicide

Ronnie McNutt, 33, was an American living in Mississippi who shot himself at his home in front of a desk on August 31. He was an army veteran who served in Iraq and worked at a Toyota plant in Blue Springs, New Albany. Mr McNutt was a member of Celebration Church Tupelo, which confirmed his death on September 1 in a Facebook post.

Ronnie McNutt’s suicide

In the midst of a sudden tragedy that occurred last night, we grieve with the McNutt Family during this time because passing of our brother in Christ, Ronnie McNutt,” the church said.viral suicide video of US Army vet Ronnie McNutt who live streamed his death last month. McNutt, who had served in Iraq, shot himself in the head during a Facebook Live stream in in Mississippi on August 31. Watch full video👇👇

Ronnie McNutt’s suicide video

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