Ronnie Mcnutt

Ronnie McNutt, who had committed suicide on a Facebook live, has come to the show viral again. His showking video had surfaced on the social media and had taken everyone by surprise.

Well, he had become the talk of the town again as social media user are searching for the death video on social media. People who have learned about him just now are searching for the details.

Ronnie McNutt Suicide Facebook Clip Twitter

But at that point, McNutt had been deceased for more than an hour. He had taken his own life during the livestream, in front of his friends and family members, including Steen

Steen and a few of McNutt’s other friends contacted the police. He reported the livestream to Facebook at 10 p.m. for showing someone injuring themselves, but heard nothing until 11:51 p.m., according to screengrabs provided to Rolling Stone.

Facebook refused to take down the livestream, on the grounds that it did not violate the platform’s community standards. For more information watch video below👇👇👇

Ronnie Mcnutt Video
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