Video Shows Passenger Punching Flight Attendant On Mexico-To-L.a. Flight

Passenger Punching Flight Attendant On Mexico-To-L.a. Flight video

The incident happened on American Airlines Flight 377l, which was destined to land at Los Angeles International Airport after taking off from Cabo San Lucas.

video posted on social media showed the flight attendant appearing to talk to the passenger before he turned his back. The suspect then walks toward the attendant and punches him before walking awayVideo of the mid-air assault showed the passenger punch the flight attendant in the back of the head while they were in the aisle.

Who passenger punching flight attendant in Amarican Airline

A passenger on the plane told Eyewitness News that the flight attendant didn’t appear to be seriously injured and no one else on the flight was hurt.About that time, the female flight attendant heard this and ran him back into coach. He sat there for a few, and then the male flight attendant went back there and confronted the guy,” Kevin said. “The part of the video you see with him getting hit in the back of the head is him turning around, coming back to the front of the plane, and the guy just jumped up and hit him.” Watch full video 👇👇

passenger punching flight attendant video

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