It is inform you you have remember images were released in which rapper Lil Kleine abused his girlfriend. The image and some clip are on secrets social media platforms. Now a days, The investigation of the Public Prosecution Service OM into his active and still ongoing in this case. He is suspected of attempted aggravated assault on his ex fiancée Jaimie Vaes.

Lil Kleine

February the Public Prosecution Service started the investigation into Jorik Scholten as the rapper is actually called. Not shocking images of Scholten and his then girlfriend came out. The rapper, who was not exactly known as the ideal son in law, had to go to jail for this. But soon he was out again. For this arrest. Lil Kleine was sentenced to some hours of time of community service.

It is information that he previously assaulted a man in an Amsterdam city in nightclub. But the judiciary is apparent not finished with Scholten, because the investigation into abuse is not yet police investigation continue started.

Lil Kleine

OM investigation Lil Kleine into assault Jaimie Vaes.

The images and video showed rapper clamped Vaes head between a car door. Relationship did not last after all the fuss and the couple broke up. Later Vaes told about her toxic relationship with Khalid. Where she founded, that she had filed a complaint against her ex partner.

Social media reported

Earlier this week Vaes appeared on television again at RTL Boulevard. where she said she and Lil Kleine are no long time seeing one other. According to her, Scholten no longer see his son Lio. Lio is with me. I have full care for Lio at this point. He do not see him. And that could undoubtedly change soon. However some other critical matters, And then there is room for that again she said. It is unclear whether this restriction has been imposed by the police or whether the two exes have selected this themselves. Vaes also said that the father of her child does not pay alimony. I had to arrange my lawyer through his lawyer. It then became a kind of fight. Yeah, after the fourth, fifth or other more.

Video for you seen here below👇👇👇

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