Body Cam Video Of Nashville Shooting

Body Cam Video Of Nashville Shooting

America’s latest mass shooting was put to a stop by police officers minutes after they arrived at Nashville’s Covenant School.The shooting began at 10:10 AM (16:10 BST) on Monday when 28-year-old Audrey Hale arrived at the school and approached a side entrance.

CCTV footage from inside the school depicts what happens next: glass doors shatter in a flurry of gunshots, allowing the heavily armed attacker to enter.

Over the next 11 minutes or so, three children and three staff members would be fatally shot. The attack would end with police officers shooting Hale dead, four minutes after arriving at the school.

Video Of Nashville Shooter

According to Hale’s parents, the attacker left home on Monday morning carrying a red bag, which authorities now believe contained the weapons used in the shooting.

Hale dismissed her mother when she asked about the contents of the bag.It is unclear what time this took place or how much time passed until Hale arrived at Covenant School. CCTV footage shows her arriving to the school’s parking lot in her car at about 09:54 AM.

Body Cam Video Of Nashville Shooting

Nashville Police Body Cam Video

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Body Cam Video Of Nashville Shooting
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