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The brutal died of a young woman in broad daylight on an Egyptian street has shocked the Arab world, bringing the country’s gender based illegal crisis into the spotlight.

Naira Ashraf 21, was hitting on Monday by a man whose advances she rejected according to Egyptian prosecutors, who said the man was arrested outside northern Egypt’s Mansoura University. where the incident took place and where Ashraf was studying, Ashraf was a student.

Naira Ashraf incident place

Video show from a nearby CCTV camera showing a man hitting a woman she also was Naira Ashraf outside the university where Naira studing, The video went viral across the Arab world this week. lawyer for Ashraf’s family confirmed to CNN and other social media, they spoke that the video shows the incident in which Ashraf was died.

We show you some detail in this video you can see here,

Naira Ashraf video

Women’s rights experts in Egypt say that the problem of gender based illegal is widespread in the country, and that a number of social and legal shortcomings continue to hamper proper action

The woman’s father, Ashraf Abdelkader, told CNN that the suspect had asked to marry her several times but was rejected, we also told over daughter, The suspect had also allegedly created fake accounts to follow her on social media. We all about know so we and ours doughter rejected him so he do it, bad and bad happen. Eventually Abdelkader filed for a restraining order in April.

Naira Ashraf

She did not want to get married, it is feeling of Naira Ashraf. she wanted to follow her career and continuously carry her study to make her self, and wanted to be a flight attendant, Abdelkader said. But luck is that a bad happened with her. Know we are Brocken ours family could not expected this kind of incident.

Victim statement

Darwish is a student he all so told all incident a eye witness, he said that and victim and her family exhausted all measures to protect Ashraf, and yet again the whole system. whether social or legal failed no one correct this.

Suliman said that for women to feel comfortable reporting such incidents and whats happened on there, there is a need to “rehabilitate the channels for justice. which include the all country legal department like police judges and the prosecution system.

Naira Ashraf

Women and girls should cover up and dress loosely to stop the temptation. if you feel like your life is precious leave the house completely covered up to stop those wanting you from slaughtering, Atteya women said in a live stream.

Darwish explained

Darwish noted that while Egypt is moving forward with tougher ex… harassment laws enforcement is still lacking among both police and society, it noted that so city is special comments on this incident, which in turn discourages many women from seeking legal assistance and difficulty, but no actions no justice’s. Govt in every country must be noteced that like ishus,

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