Mizkif call leaked

Mizkif call leaked video on twitter explained

The leaked call of Mizkif, TrainwrecksTV, Asmongold, xQc, Barry and Mitch Jones discussing the Arianah Lee cover up allegations. They confront Mizkif on his and Maya’s involvement at the time, alleging he tried to cover up the SA to help his frÔÇŽSliker made numerous claims as to the reasoning behind these loans and borrowed amounts.

However the purported actual reason is allegedly due to spiraling gambling debts. While Sliker rarely had gambling aspects to his streams or content, he has appeared in a number of Poker streams, including BotezLive poker, and Creator Poker event.

The online interactions were all recorded between June 2018 and February 2019, during which Mizkif was a close associate of Ice Poseidon. To be more precise, before becoming a well-known streamer himself, the now OTK co-owner used to be a cameraman for Ice Poseidon. Watch video full­čĹç

Mizkif call leaked video
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