Michael Irvin Video Goes Viral

Michael Irvin Video Goes Viral

We all know that Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin is a homer. The 12-year Cowboy spent his entire career in Dallas and uses his current broadcasting career to promote his former team loudly and proudly.

Sometimes, he admittedly takes it a little too far. A prime example was when he went on First Take during the preseason and said the 2022 Cowboys could be the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins if they clean up penalties.

And even after the Cowboys lost in brutal fashion to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Irvin remained faithful for the rest of the season.

Perhaps that’s why he posted this incredibly emphatic video after the ‘Boys beat the Bengals on a game-winning field goal.

Irvin was very animated about how nobody believed in Dallas and his phone was literally shaking while he recorded because he was so amped up. Here’s what he said (more like vehemently screamed.

This is why this is America’s Team! When all hope is gone and nobody believes it’s possible, and nobody believes there’s a chance to do anything.

Every time somebody has something to do with the team that wears a star on the side of their helmet, and they rise up and they do something great. Did you see that?!

Hey. Stephen A. They said Cooper Rush was doing a Tom Brady imitation the last few plays there. And when they got… OH MY GOD! We got a win. Watch full video👇

Michael Irvin Video Goes Viral

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