German fans storming the Green Man pub in Wembley

Masked hooligans attack England fans at Green Man pub in Wembley before Nations League match against Germany large group of football hooligans stormed the main England supporters pub just outside Wembley Stadium ahead of the Nations League game against Germany.Approximately 100 fans in hoods and masks forced their way into the side entrance of the popular Green Man pub that sits on top of Wembley Hill, with views overlooking the stadium.

A huge brawl broke out and lasted for around five minutes before police on horseback arrived, when the group of fighters fled down the hill.Footage on social media appeared to show the incident.

There’s an entrance at the back of the Green Man and about 50 of them turned up wearing masks and England scarves,” Robinson, 30, said. “They stormed in, were hitting anyone and everyone. It was going on for a good five minutes before the police arrived. Watch video full👇

German fans storming the Green Man pub in Wembley
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