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musa Khawula video lulo cafe videos link

Lulo Cafe Video Leaked & viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube – Musa Khawula Controversial Lulo Cafe Bath VideoHe shared a private video of DJ Lulo Cafe and got suspended from Twitter. The video shows Lulo Cafe taking a bath when he was filmed secretly by unknown person. Musa khawula Shares Lulo Cafe’s private video and gets suspended from Twitter.

lulo cafe bathing video

Popular DJ Lulo Cafe trended on social media after Musa Khawula leaked the Lulo Cafe’s private video. The video caused a stir on social media as fans called out the controversial blogger Musa Khawula for violating Lulo Cafe’s privacy. Many showed the DJ Lulo Cafe support and reported Musa Khawula’s post to Twitter support, which resulted in his Twitter account being suspended.South African celebrities are taking sighs of relief after Musa Khawula’s account suspension. The controversial entertainment blogger who rose to prominence for revealing the secrets of celebrities went a bit too far. Watch video full

musa Khawula video lulo cafe videos link
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