Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline Posts Videos

A video has been released online that allegedly shows and viral on social media, Britney Spears fighting with her two sons, Sean and Jayden at a family home. It was posted by an account that claims to be Kevin Federline.

Britney arguing with sons claiming ‘the lies have to stop

The video explained, a voice that sounds like Britney Spears’ can be heard fighting with two boys about putting lotion on their faces and about Sean and Jayden removing their shoes in public.Both Spears and her husband responded to the claims, with the singer adding that she gave her children everything and she is hurt by the comments. Federline decided to emerge once again, this time with several videos of Spears arguing with her sons. They were reportedly secretly filmed by her boys years prior for more explained watch video below👇👇👇

Kevin Federline Posts Video
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