Kaylee Gansberg

Kaylee Gansberg Western Michigan

Kaylee was born in 2001. And she was a resident of Lyslie, Illinois. She is a college student now. She was studying at Western Michigan University. She was very precious to her parents. Her parents, their whole life, never scolded her nor denied her to do anything in her life. The happened is that “On August 27, at around 2:30 a.m, the college student was with a friend near the campus when the accident occurred. Kaylee was struck by a driver in the 2700 block of West Michigan Avenue.

How Did Kaylee Gansberg Die?

Kaylee Gansberg Death Cause: A hit-and-run accident claimed the life of a Western Michigan University student from Lisle. In a hit-and-run accident close to campus, a suburban college student perished. Kalamazoo, Michigan saw it happen early on Saturday. An Illinois woman named Kaylee Gansberg, 21 passed away. Western Michigan University was where she attended classes watch video below complete👇

Kaylee Gansberg Western Michigan
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