Jordan Peterson Elliot Page

Jordan Peterson meme’d through the mud after throwing major tantrum about Elliot Page

Clinical psychologist and Edmonton edgelord Jordan Peterson is in the news yet again for spewing hateful rhetoric.

Jordan Peterson Rather Die Delete Elliot Page Tweet

Peterson last left Twitter after getting upset that the newest Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wasn’t attractive enough for him.

Time is target was Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page, who is a transgender man, the devolved into a series of cringy tantrums, all without Page even needing to participate or acknowledge Peterson.

Canadian clinical psychologist’

Screenshots of the offending tweet from the Canadian clinical psychologist’s account have been posted social media, Do you remember when pride was a sin? …And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal doctor was explain.

Peterson has now spoken out against Twitter, and addressed the remarks he made that got him banned from the platform. The Canadian social media personality posted a near-15 minute video to his Instagram and YouTube pages addressing the situation and doubling down on his original statement, you can see complete video below👇👇👇

Jordan Peterson Elliot Page Video
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