Jeff paramotor accident

Jeff Toll died Tuesday doing what he loved flying around with a giant fan strapped to his back.And, according to friends, the 26-year-old Virginia Beach resident would never want what happened to him to deter anyone from paragliding”If Jeff could tell me one thing right now.

Jeff was all about paragliding

I’m sure it would be to keep flying,” said Jon Jernigan, a close friend of Toll’s who is in the process of buying his own paraglider and so called paramotor or butt fan Jeff was all about paragliding.

Jernigan said. “He was all about living.Their New Year’s Day flight started like one of their numerous past trips great weather, an unparalleled view of southern Utah’s red rock scenery

when an unexpected gust of wind hitThe wind pushed locals Jeff Hunt and Brad Roper up a ridge, causing the wings of their paramotors to collapse. Roper was high enough that his wings reinflated in time, but Hunt got “too low,” Roper recalled.

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