wife beater Jaco Swart

In June, the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court sentenced Swart to a R20 000 fine and a three-year prison sentence suspended for five years for the brutal assault of his estranged wife, Nicoleen Swart it is very shocking. Swart was very pressed, becaz he face every depression.

CCTV footage

After the sentence was handed down, videos of the assault surfaced on social media. CCTV footage captured Swart brutalising, pushing, punching and kicking Nicoleen at their business in 2018.

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Some of the vicious attacks took place in front of the couple’s two children,” AfriForum’s Private Prosecution Unit spokesperson Barry Bateman said.

While the prosecutor applied to have the surveillance footage admitted for the purposes of aggravation of sentence, this was disallowed after the defence questioned its authenticity.

You can see more explaination watch video below👇👇👇

Jaco Swart Video
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