Rain is the great leveler in Formula 1

Rain is the great leveler in Formula 1 and motorsport.It not matter how good or bad or your car normally is, if it rains, it allows the driver to show their skill and drag an unexpected result with personal tacks in goodness driving explained and interview after seen a video below👇👇👇

Rain is the great leveler in Formula 1 video

The 2008 Toro Rosso was not a good car, but Sebastian Vettel stunned everyone by sticking on pole and winning the race at Monza when the track resembled something more of a swimming pool than F1 circuit below more explained

Some interview

I got a few laps in with high fuel on the softest compounds, the tyres wear quickly here with all the high-speed corners, so it’s always going to be quite tricky to manage the tyres on this track. Overall it went okay today and I’m looking forward to qualifying tomorrow.

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