Groom Played Video of Bride’s Cheating

Groom Played Video

The unverified footage, which has recently gone viral on TikTok, has been making its rounds across several prominent Chinese media outlets, which claim that the footage was shot by one of the guests. A groom got revenge on his cheating bride by using sharing a video of her infidelity with their wedding guests.

Groom Played Video of Bride’s Cheating

During a wedding ceremony in China, the groom decided to expose his wife-to-be for cheating. He played a video of the bride being intimate with another man which left wedding guests shocked.A video of the chaos at the wedding was uploaded online and has since racked up millions of views.

Groom Played Bride’s Cheating With Brother-in-Law at Wedding explain

The video originally went viral in 2019, but it has found new life after being shared on TikTok and twitter, where it has attracted thousands of views and comments.

In the clip, the traditional wedding march plays as a seemingly happy bride and groom take the stage under a large video screens in a well-attended reception hall.

An announcer prompts the crowd to cheer the couple, which they do several times; within seconds, the video screen begins playing black-and-white footage taken in a bedroom. Members of the party gasp as the woman throws her bouquet at her husband, who reportedly shouts. Watch more explained👇👇👇

Groom Played Video
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