The case from an encounter at a Staten Island store where the former mayor was appearing on behalf of his son, a Republican candidate for governor.

Whats happened on Stor

A grocery store worker accused of assaulting Rudolph W. Giuliani at a Staten Island supermarket on Sunday had the charges against him reduced after the emergence of video footage that appeared to show him patting Mr. Giuliani on the back with an open palm rather than striking him


The worker – Daniel Gill, had been charged with second-degree assault, a felony, in the immediate aftermath of the play. Prosecutors later reduced the charges to third-degree, a misdemeanor, third-degree menacing and second-degree harassment of case.

Complete video here👇👇👇

Giuliani Video

hoarse and angry Rudy Giuliani decried the downgrading of charges to misdemeanors in the Staten Island slapping incident, Giuliani saying he felt as if a boulder hit me” at the supermarket.

Video Explained

Video showing the suspect backslapping Giuliani is “a little deceptive,” the 78-year-old former Trump lawyer said

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