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gabby petito police leaked video

Gabby Petito’s Mom on Police Cam Footage: ‘I Wanted to Jump Through the Screen and Rescue Her’Police classified the Aug. 12 incident between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie as “disorderly conduct” rather than domestic violenceGabby Petito’s mother recently addressed the widely-circulated body cam footage capturing the Aug. 12 police encounter involving her daughter and Brian Laundrie two weeks before the 22-year-old woman went missing.

It’s just hard to watch. I wanted to jump through the screen and rescue her,” Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said of the footage in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia. But information that came to light after the release of the initial body cam footage belies the police assessment.An eyewitness who called 911 to report the incident told the dispatcher Laundrie had been slapping Petito.Another eyewitness, who provided a written statement, said it appeared Laundrie was possibly trying to lock Petito out of the van and take her phone.

And in additional footage from the body cam of another officer, released weeks after the original footage, Petito is heard telling police that Laundrie grabbed her face and hit her.During that video, taken by a body camera on Moab Police officer Eric Pratt, Pratt tells Petito that two people claimed to have seen Laundrie hit her, and asks if this is true. Watch full videoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

gabby petito police video

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