video footage has suggested that Ezra Millar’s Vermont farm is an unsafe environment for a mother and her three children that they’re housing.

According to the sources, the flash actor has been hosting the 25 year old woman and her children, aged one to five, since of April.

Ezra Miller image

Ezra Miller blamed.

Ezra Miller blamed that for physical abuse when she was 18 year old. Parents are decide that allege actor provided their daughter with drugs some kind of.

Ezra miller

Actor was accused by parents to be grooming their 18 year old so, they described to be a cult like mentality and behaviour .

Ezra miller

miller and the woman apparently met in Hawaii, where the actor was visiting in march, there accumulated a number of arrests.

Miller Says

Miller, i am going through hell and back, the father said i got a bad feeling in my stomach ..i do want to go get my kids, there are different means

Miller different told about story you can see video below👇👇👇

Ezra miller video
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