Dylan Rounds missing

A person has been named as a suspect in the disappearance of Dylan Rounds. Around May 28, 2022, the 19-year-old Utah man who had just finished high school went missing near the border between Utah and Nevada, it is very stranger schuation spread now a time’s.

Court documents from a different federal weapons case say that Dylan’s 58-year-old neighbor, James Brenner, is a possible suspect in his disappearance. Documents show that Brenner lived in a trailer on the property near Rounds’ farm and talked to Dylan.

Dylan’s family’s neighbor and a “family friend

Brenner is Dylan’s family’s neighbor and a family friend statment. His mother, Candice Cooley, said that the suspect was someone her son “knew.

According to court records and police

According to court records, he has a history of hurting people on purpose and shooting people on purpose. He has also been convicted three times for being a felon with a gun so that record say that he is a suspect.

Dylan Rounds, now 19, moved to Utah from Idaho three years ago. He last talked to his parents on the morning of May 28, the day before he went missing. His parents say that he wanted to start his own farm and that he went to his remote farmland to plant crops and then disappeared

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