Dreams face leaked

Dream face reveal trends on Twitter

Minecraft icon Clay “Dream” teased the announcement day for the most anticipated face-reveal on his alternate Twitter handle @dreamwastaken.He teased the community by implying whether today (October 2) would be the day when he would finally showcase his face. His tweet read.

The YouTube sensation’s face reveal saga started last month when Clay made a community post stating that his next video would feature him doing a face-reveal.As expected, the post went viral on the social media platform, and has attracted well over 86k likes and more than 20k replies within an hour of its posting.

As mentioned, Dream has shared another update on the same Twitter handle, seemingly suggesting if today (October 2) is the face-reveal day. Minecraft Twitch streamer Punz emphasized that “today is the day” as well

Clay announced his trip to San Diego via Twitter a few days after the aforementioned post. He mentioned how excited he was to finally meet his friends, fans, and other content creators. He also stated that the feeling was “surreal. Watch full videoπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Dreams face leaked video
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