Green Poole Fight Video

Draymond Green Punch Poole Video

New video of Wednesday’s altercation between Golden State Warriors players Draymond Green and Jordan Poole shows it was more than just a scuffle. The two appear to be talking when Green walks over to Poole, getting in his face as the two come chest-to-chest. Poole appears to shove Green away, when Green reacts by punching Poole in the face — the force knocking Poole into the wall behind him before other players rush to break the two up.

Green Poole Fight Video twitter

The Warriors have said Poole was not injured in the incident, and that he finished his workout on Wednesday and practiced with the team the next day. Green did not practice with the team on Thursday, but he did apologize to Poole and the team, head coach Steve Kerr said. Warriors’ Draymond Green ‘forcefully struck’ Jordan Poole at practice during altercation.

Jordan Poole Draymond Green Video

Green and Poole have been seen in verbal arguments during games and practices prior to this incident, but it had never escalated to this point.Poole was seen after practice getting shots up in the gym by himself and was in “good spirits,” according to social media a Bay Area local station.

Draymond Green And Jordan Poole viral Video

Green was in a heated argument with teammate Jordan Poole that got so intense, Green struck Poole and the two needed to be separated, reports The Athletic. The players were pushing and shoving each other prior to the blow to Poole. Watch full video👇👇

Green Poole Fight Video
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