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Davante Adams shoving a production worker after the Raiders’ loss Davante Adams had his best game of the season as a Las Vegas Raider, a 124-yard, two-touchdown performance on Monday night.

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Adams was frustrated as the Raiders blew a 17 point lead, and maybe it was Adams and his teammate Hunter Ren frow colliding that was what left him furious Davante Adams shoves cameraman after frustrating Raiders loss to Chiefs Davante Adams took out his frustration on a passing cameraman after the Las Vegas Raiders blew a 10-point halftime lead and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Davante Adams Video link clip

Davante Adams Cameraman Video

The Raiders appeared to be on their way to a solid win after dominating the first half, 20-10. However, as usual, Patrick Mahomes rallied the Chiefs to an intense comeback to pull off a narrow 30-29 victory.

Davante Adams Video viral

Davante Adams Video leaked clip

Davante Adams pushed a credentialed person who appears to be some sort of camera or boom mic person – following the Raiders’ loss to the Chiefs on Monday night. While Adams shouldn’t have shoved the innocent bystander, the young man showed zero self-awareness in the situation.

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Davante Adams Video link clip
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