Chrisean rock tapes with blueface

Chrisean rock tapes with blueface

Blueface Shows Off His Love For Girlfriend Chrisean Rock After She Vomits In His 2022 Maybach After a recent break-up and make-up, LA rapper Blueface shows fans he is all in for his girlfriend Chrisean Rock while taking care of her as she vomits all in his new 2022 Maybach! Blueface & Chrisean Rock Split, Rapper Says She Wasn’t ‘Reliable Enough’ & She Claims He ‘Can’t Deal’ With Her Being ‘Attractive’

Blueface & Chrisean Rock Break

As we previously reported last week, Chrisean and Blueface took to social media and publicized their recent split.The LA rapper claimed his Baltimore boo wasn’t “reliable enough” for him, while she claimed that he “can’t deal” with her being “attractive.”Taking to his Instagram Story, Blueface shared a few clips and said Taking to his Instagram Story, Blueface shared several clips of him driving his new car with a seemingly passed out Chrisean Rock. In the clips, Blue tapes Chrisean, aka, Rock, as she slumbers away en route to their next destination for the evening.

chrisean rock tape

Blue tries talking to her, but she simply whispers and mumbles inaudible words. It was only after Blue threatened to talk to girls at the strip club did she speak up louder firing back at her boo.In the next clip in his story, Blue exclaims a few things as Rock had thrown up in his car, with visible evidence on her brown sweatshirt hoodie and along the passenger side door and seatbelt area.In the next clips, Rock continues vomiting and Blue comforts her speaking to her and keeping her calm, reassuring that he’s got her.

Chrisean rock tapes with blueface video
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