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Cat In Blender Video Twitter

Such type of action shows the heinous act of animal cruelty that is truly beyond words. At the beginning of the video, an unidentified person can be watched putting a live cat into the blender and subsequently powering it on, with the blades emitting a high-pitched whirring sound that is both disturbing and bloodcurdling. The cat was in pain and can be watched struggling in agony, the voice of its crying is distressing but the person was not showing his/her mercy on the cat. The person even recorded the video but it is not known who posted it online but it is obvious for it to get viral on social media. As the viral video progresses, the person can watch the redness of the bottom of the blender, showing the gruesome and grotesque fate that has befallen the innocent cat. In the 2nd half of the viral video, the dead body of the cat is taken out of the blender.

Cat In Blender Video Twitter

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