Barcelona match fan emergency

Cadiz vs Barcelona stopped due to medical emergency in crowd

Barcelona’s game against Cadiz has been halted due to a medical emergency in the stands. The Catalan giants were 2-0 up before the match was stopped in the 86th minute, after a medical emergency was spotted inside the stadium.Cadiz goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma ran to fetch some medical kit before sprinting to and chucking it into the stands as both sets of players understood how serious the situation was. The La Liga match between Barcelona and Cadiz has been stopped after reports came in of a supporter falling ill.

Video of Cadiz vs Barcelona stopped for over 20 minutes after fan collapses in the stadium

The game has been stopped due to a medical emergency with a fan in the stands. The players are going to the locker rooms,” read the official statement from the club, on Twitter. Barcelona match halted for fan EMERGENCY as Cadiz keeper runs to stands with medical equipment, Barcelona vs Cadiz La Liga game stopped after medical emergency; to resume at 12:35 amJust after the 80th minute mark, the LaLiga fixture between Cadiz and Barcelona at the Nuevo Mirandilla was stopped after a fan appeared to collapse in the stands. As per reports in Spanish media, a fan had suffered a heart attack Watch video👇

Cadiz vs Barcelona stopped due to medical emergency in crowd
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