Bruttney Griner

It has shoking news surfaced on every social media and TV, that on June 27, Brittney Griner appeared in a Russian court,

Why She appeared

Nearly five months after she was detained, but what was she carrying that has made it impossible for her to come back to the US? All fans are serious to knowing why this happen with genius player detained? Have some one tweeted her.

Arrested Schuation

Ever since Brittney was arrested there have been a lot of discussions around how this might have been a political move, becaz no one especially Expected that like unbleavable incident.

Some Statement

However, some media groups connected to a spokesperson for Vladimir Putin has denied this and stated that Brittney is being treated no different than any other Russian or a foreign citizen, but what is fact and, who used here, who anymis her leaguel cometies investigation all those.

As per the source Brittney was carrying hashish oil, also known as Cannabis oil, a substance that is considered illegal in Russia just like narcotic. The basketball player was arrested at the Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia.

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