The incident took place near the Brisbane shopping complex’s food court at around 4.00 am in the morning. According to source Three men who were involved in the brawl reportedly fled the scene after Lauie Michael Tagaloa passed away there. These men were later arrested in connection with the manslaughter and investigation process.

Is Tagaloa being stabbed

Later, CCTV footage from the location confirmed that the confrontation turned into a brawl which led to Tagaloa being stabbed at the time. It has been reported that the groups of men exchanged words and hurled insults at each other before one of the individuals armed himself with a knife and threatened the safety of the opposing group of men.

Tagaloa was stabbed to death Valley Metro food court

Modified 15 Jul 2022 On Monday, July 11, Lauie Tagaloa was stabbed to death at the Valley Metro food court just outside the Fortitude Valley train station. The murder of the 24-year-old victim was caused by a heated confrontation between two groups of men at the location.

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