Blue light girl leaked video

The viral video has made a commotion on the internet, and people are taking to social media to point the finger of blame at both the woman and the guys who recorded and shared the video on WhatsApp. A Nigerian Lady has been captured praying for her boyfriend to cash out as she was seen riding an horse.

Blue light girl viral video leaked on twitter

Some people criticized the girl for praying for her lover while playing with a couple of males in a blue-lit room, saying “Fear Woman.”

In the end, the boys in the popular video gave the female backstrokes, As the viral video came to a close, the male participants gave the female steps as can be seen in the video that follows

Some others thought it was inappropriate for the girl to pray for her boyfriend while she was having s…x with two males in a blue-lit room, and they labeled her a “Fear Woman. As comments come in to blame both the woman and the males who taped and released the video on WhatsApp, the viral video has caused an internet frenzy. Watch full video👇

Blue light girl viral video
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