Asmongold leaked call

Whats happened to Asmongold leaked call Twitch drama

The streaming platform Twitch went up in flames around midnight German time today. A five-hour Discord call with 4 of the platform’s biggest streamers is circulating online: Streamers xQc and Trainwreck confront members of the group OTK, such as Asmongold and Mizkif, about the current sexual harassment scandal.

Apparently, the call should never have been made public.Mizkif is number 31 but on the way up. At least he was, until recently. He is a co-founder of OTK.Among the people being gossip are HasanAbi (number 8) and Pokimane (number 134, after a long break).Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what makes him special?There has been an argument about “gambling” circulating on Twitch for several months.

Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch like xQc or Trainwreck broadcast gambling – other streamers like Asmongold or Mizkif criticize them for it. Watch video full 👇

Asmongold leaked call video
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