Anne Heche Car Crash

Anne Heche Remains in Critical Condition in aCar Crash

Anne Heche is “in stable condition” following the fiery accident that left her severely burned Friday.A rep for the actress 53, told People in a statement Saturday, “Anne is currently in stable condition.“Her family and friends ask for your thoughts and prayers and to respect her privacy during this difficult time.

Anne Heche Remains in Critical Condition explained

Ms. Heche, 53, was injured on Friday when the car she was in crashed into a two-story home in Los Angeles, causing severe damage and a fire, the authorities said.The actress Anne Heche remained in a coma, in critical condition and on a ventilator on Wednesday, five days after a car she was in crashed into a home in Los Angeles, a representative said.

Anne Heche condition

There had been no change in her condition since Monday, when a different representative, Michael A. McConnell, told Reuters that Ms. Heche had not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident on Friday.

Anne Heche
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