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The viral news on every social media platform, that Spaniard Fuentes a four time Olympic medallist in synchronised swimming jumped into the pool. she saw Alvarez sink to the bottom at the end of her solo free final routine. Its bad happened on today 23 jun 2022.

Whats happened with Alvarez in real.

It was the second time Fuentes has had to rescue Alvarez. she leapt into the pool during an Olympic qualification event. Before pulled her to safety along with the American’s swim partner Lindi Schroeder. But she had been safed, this second time happened with here.

Anita Alvarez.

She was given medical attention beside the pool before being taken away on a stretcher. It was critical condition for her coach, he also jump in the pool to safe her.

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When this happened after some discussion so he told, I jumped into the water again because I saw that no one other no lifeguard, was jumping in. So I got a little scared because she wasnt breathing but now she’s fine. She has to rest and we take here medical treated.

After some time she got up from concicious she loss her whait, even she did not know what’s happened with her.

If you can see video about here must be see this

Anita Alvarez video
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