Alexis Gabe missing woman

In these days a new incident happen in society that was Alexis Babes case many people and Agencies has been found, recent report, the location of Alexis Gabe’s body may be revealed by handwritten messages that are purported to be written by the alleged killer, according to a latest update on the California lady who has gone missing.

Alexis Gabe’s family

The 24-year-old Alexis Gabe’s family was informed about the letters on Thursday, according reports from TV and media after getting a copy from authorities that included driving instructions.

Authorities believe that the directions, purportedly penned by Marshall Jones, 27, Alexis’ alleged killer and ex-boyfriend, describe the route to the outlying California town of Pioneer. He may have dumped her body somewhere outside of Sacramento, some 70 miles away.

According to different reports

According to reports, Jones’s companion came forward and claimed that the two had discussed killing Alexis, according to the note to the Gabes, which was found by investigators following Jones’s death.

The focus of the Gabe family’s attention is currently on Alexis Gabe’s cellphone screen, which was another piece of evidence discovered by the investigators. The Gabes said they are hope to recover the other parts of the phone with the help of a second volunteer search after the FBI confirmed that Marshall Jones’ DNA was discovered on it. The inquiry is still being conducted.

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